Hour two:
0:00-0:10: MSNBC discovers college women do not connect with Hillary; Even liberals criticizing media coverage of campaign
0:12 - 0:25: Jack Sonnemann: pornography is NOT a victimless crime
0:27 - 0:40: Jack Sonnemann: On bringing the salt and light of Jesus into the sex industry
0:42 - 0:57: Callers share the personal devastating impact of porn

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We have been full time lobbyists for Aussie families since 1983.  AFF is dedicated to upholding Biblical family values, promoting a Biblical Christian worldview, and educating and mobilising concerned individuals to positively affect their homes, communities, country and world.

We not only encourage Christians to be "salt" and "light", but provide credible strategies for doing so.  One of our specific goals is the removal of pornography from the family marketplace where children have access.

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