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The assault on the foundations of the family is raging, perhaps like never before in man’s history, yet we are silent.  Ps 11:3 asks, “If the foundations be destroyed what can even the righteous do?”   The foundations are being severely battered today in Australia and we can ill afford to be silent any longer.

Horrendous attacks on the foundations of the family, traditional morality and Christianity are occurring all around us.  The foundations of the family are being undermined and anti-God policies abound: legal prostitution; homosexual marriage; homosexuality taught to children as safe, natural, normal and healthy; women in front-line combat; X-Rated porn in Canberra; porn magazines displayed to and available for children; sex shops gaining approval; corporate financing of porn in the family marketplace, etc.

CS Lewis once wisely said, “You aim for the heavens and you get the earth thrown in, aim for the earth and you get neither.” We all need to lift our vision and aim for the heavens. Legal sex trafficking (aka prostitution) will only be halted by “militant defenders of Biblical morality,*” NOT by those who defend the latest quirky policy position from some obscure secular authority. We who serve a Living God have a better guide than reason - it is called “His Word” - and it alone is to be our standard! Demand that your MPs represent you in parliament and outlaw ALL forms of prostitution: the selling of illicit sex, the purchasing of illicit sex and the facilitating of illicit sex. I am including our concise submission concerning prostitution. Your state MPs need to hear from you  c/- Parliament House, Your Capital City. You can also select ‘lobbying’, click on your state and email each and every state MP. Use our data to reinforce your opposition to prostitution but really all you have to say is you want NO form of sex trafficking/prostitution to be legal.

The same sex marriage battle is also battering the foundations of the family. We, as Christians, cannot OK any occasion to sin. We cannot embrace the ‘same sex civil registry’.  Just as OK-ing any form of legal prostitution permits the sin of prostitution, permitting any form of homosexual union OKs sin. All of us with a Biblical Christian Worldview must stand firmly against any and all forms of sin while extending the invitation to repentance. Martin Luther correctly said, “The fact that you may not succeed should never deter you from doing what is right.”

Former US porn producer Donny Pauling stated at the Canberra Roundtable Summit on Pornography and Sex Trafficking that porn has become so mainstream that “young people now sit around at home with their parents watching porn. The actors don’t always take their clothes off but it is porn nonetheless.” I was shocked and he is correct.  I am including a link above this letter to brief report about my participating in this important summit. You can look here and hear my latest national radio interview concerning this Roundtable Summit.

The sale, hire and display of X Rated porn has been banned in each and every state yet X Rated porn is pouring out of Canberra (and to a lesser extent the Northern Territory). It is spreading its perversion all across this great land and destabilising the foundations of the family. It is decimating Aboriginal families and depicts women as nothing more than sexual merchandise. It is now empirically proven that X rated porn causes rape and sexual molestation and it is past time for a civilised government to place the same simple restrictions on X Rated porn in Canberra as already exists in all of our states. ALL Federal MPs can be mailed c/- Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 or emailed through our website, the Prime Minister especially. The Australian Constitution mandates that the Federal Government rules the Territories.  Ask those in the Federal Govt to place the same simple restrictions on X rated porn in the Territories as already exist in each and every state in Australia.  Ask them, “If not, why not?” and let us know what they say.

I continue to go where asked and share our good news stories, victories and successful strategies. When can I come to your church, community or school and help fight this ‘winnable war’? It is winnable but it must be fought to be won.  There are some links, above, to some material concerning a recent successful trip in Victoria.

Queenslanders need to contact Campbell Newman, Parliament House, Brisbane 4000 and ask him to protect the children in his state from the unrestricted sale, access and display of porn. Aust Penthouse is placed in a category by the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) that is legally sold to, openly displayed to and freely accessed by children in Queensland. This is dangerous and wrong.  Campbell Newman can protect the children at any time. The Qld Atty Gen has already contacted me and thanked me for my detailed submission concerning this.  You can remind Premier Newman that he can protect the children in his state from unrestricted access to dangerous pornographic material by implementing Jack Sonnemann’s sensible proposal.  Can we count on other Christian groups in Queensland to support us on this issue? We pray so.

Tasmanians, South Australians and Western Australians need to contact state MPs and ask them to please protect women by outlawing ALL forms of prostitution, not just the purchasing of illicit sex. Imagine only outlawing the purchasing of heroin and leaving the sellers and distributors alone? Or imagine only arresting the underage purchasers of tobacco or alcohol and leaving the sellers alone? If prostitution is OK then embrace all forms of it, if it is wrong then proscribe all forms of it. It really is that simple.

We are excited about the new ministry begun by my daughter and son-in-law, in Tasmania. We also have a new postal address: PO Box 81, Kingston Beach 7050. Please look around our website and the Pilgrim Hill website and pray for both ministries to progress and continue to be well-received by Christian leaders and the public.

The foundations of the family are being eroded in Australia today like never before. We can best stand against this by being “militant defenders of Biblical morality”. God is a God of His Word and He says He will honour it above His very name! We can stand on the Word of God, believe Gal 6:9 “let us not grow weary in well doing” and watch what happens when we persevere and bring Jesus into these dark situations!

Our finances are a bit woeful at the moment; we do this full time and we rely on your help. I am including our bank details to make it easy for you. Thanks so much for helping us firmly resist the assault on the foundations of the family today.  God bless you for your help.

In Him,

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*Linda Chavez, Where is Our Moral Outrage?

P.S. The following downloadable files should help you to organise Jack's visit to your area, church or group:

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