The Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) does not restrict all issues of Australian Penthouse, Hustler and other pornographic magazines. They have been so desensitized from repeated exposure to pornography that they put Penthouse in a category that is accessed by children, sold to children and displayed to children in the family marketplace where they have unrestricted access. I have to wonder if Queenslanders care that their kids are also being seriously desensitized by repeated exposure of pornographic imagery and placed in great danger.

The Queensland Police who deal with child exploitation issues, the Juvenile Aid Bureau, warns, “Molesters use readily available, soft-porn material to entice little children and breakdown their resistance.” The Queensland Police also say, “Porn has been an issue in every major sexual investigation.  ”Inspector Sprague of Melbourne’s Spectrum Task Force - the largest in Australia’s history - set up to investigate the Mr Cruel schoolgirl abduction, molestation and murder says he’s “staggered by the amount of porn in the community.”He says he is “convinced that there is a strong link between pornography and the amount of sex crimes we get.”More porn equals more rape. IF we want schoolgirls in Queensland better protected we will do something about pornography.

AFF Director Jack Sonnemann has contacted the Qld Atty Gen, Premier and various MPs about this. Remember how much hope was put into Can Do Campbell? The Atty Gen thanked me for my “detailed submission” and sent it on to the Premier’s department who also thanked me. I don’t want their thanks, I want them to protect the small children in their state from unrestricted access to porn!

The Qld Atty Gen can, at any time, step in and overrule the dangerously inadequate guidelines of the OFLC. This has happened in Victoria, Tasmania and to lesser degrees in other states but it has happened and can happen in Queensland but only if you keep on the government until things change!

There are “Christian” activist groups in Queensland who object to sexy outdoor ads but not to their own children having unrestricted access to Penthouse virtually every time they go shopping.  Just like the lame prostitution response this seeming double standard is astonishing to me. If my readers know anyone active in other Christian activist groups in Queensland please ask them to assist  AFF’s quest to protect children. They do not even have to mention AFF and can take all the credit if they like just, for God’s sake, get involved in the winnable war to protect children in Queensland.

Action: Please contact Campbell Newman, Parliament House, Brisbane and ask him to place all pornographic magazines in a “Restricted Category”. That is all we are asking. Some suggested guidelines are if a magazine or periodical contains editorial or pictorial content of sex or nudity, ads or promotions for adult sex services, order forms that can only be filled out by those over the age of 18, ads for X Rated porn from the Territories and other articles or promotions of an adult nature, it should be placed in a “Restricted Category” and only displayed to, accessed by and sold to those over 18 (who presumably don’t object to the blatant and unwanted exposure of degrading pornographic imagery).  Also ask your own MP if they think Penthouse is OK for children.
Contact ALL MPs in Qld at, click on ‘Lobbying’ and click on Queensland. Easy.

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We not only encourage Christians to be "salt" and "light", but provide credible strategies for doing so.  One of our specific goals is the removal of pornography from the family marketplace where children have access.

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