The first Member of Australian Parliament to be sworn in on the pedophile prophet’s instruction manual, the Qur’an, is seated in Krudd’s (who one particular group assures us is a fine Christian) Cabinet.  Mr Ed Husic was sworn in as Parliamentary Secretary, using his copy of the Qur’an.

The Qur’an, Islamists and Sharia, the stated goal of Islam, have nothing of value to offer Australia or any other nation.  Lets see, genital mutilation of little girls so they cannot enjoy a sexual relationship with their future husbands is common practice as well as old geezers marrying young girls in their pre teens.  Stoning women caught in adultery and stoning homosexuals are common Islamic customs sanctioned by what Obama calls their “holy book” the Qur’an.  Honor killings, beheadings and dismembering are Islamic practices sanctioned by the Qur’an.  Unless a woman can come up with several witnesses who witness her rape she is put to death under Islamic Law.  The list of Qur’an-endorsed atrocities is almost endless and Australia should not welcome this hideously barbaric totalitarian ideology.

Mr Husic, who was sworn into Krudd’s cabinet on the Qur’an, should be asked just which of the above passages of this heathen book (and there are literally hundreds more equally atrocious ones) does he not agree with.  He is the one that chose the Qur’an and he should be the one to be questioned about where his loyalties lie. 

Australia is a great nation but nothing out of the Qur’an has made it so.  Similar claims cannot be made about the Christian Bible which is repeatedly referred to and mentioned with reverence by those who established our laws, customs, parliament, courts, justice system and churches.  Thank God there wasn’t a Muslim amongst them!  An Islamic clubhouse, aka Mosque, is planned for the City of Toowoomba in Queensland.  Do the good people of Toowoomba know what will be taught there and do they care?  

Action: Write to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and ask him if he endorses the Qur’an’s views as listed above.  Ask him if he believes that his new Cabinet Minister will pick only good things out of the Qur’an and ignore all the anti-Christ, misogynist, hate-filled rhetoric commanded by the Qur’an.  Why does Mr Rudd not adhere to the Biblical position of looking to God and His word for guidance? (Is it because he is not a Christian?) Prime Minister, Parliament House, Canberra 2600, ACT

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