Sadly, this is the cry of most “Christian” activist groups in Australia today. When Dr Ted Baehr was a US Attorney in New York (equal to a Crown Prosecutor in Australia) they adopted the Nordic Model (Swedish) on prostitution, which is what misinformed Aussies are advocating. It did stop some of the purchasers of illicit sex but prostitution remained a thriving business. Linda Chavez, a high ranking Christian official in the Reagan administration rightly says if we want to enhance our culture, “We must be militant defenders of Biblical morality”. We are not doing this unless we vigorously stand against ALL forms of prostitution, not just the purchasing of illicit sex.

Some wrongly believe that the Nordic Model is a good start; it isn’t. When AFF was successful in protecting the 15, 16 and 17 year olds from being preyed upon by Australian pornographers, we lobbied and demanded that the age be raised to 21. It is a core issue in lobbying and every successful lobbyist knows you ALWAYS ask for more than you expect to receive. We knew the result would be 18 and that was our aim, although we were publicly adamant that we had to have the age set at 21. The unions and the government do this all the time. We must at times adopt real world tactics to win real world battles.

Bishop Fulton J Sheen said in 1953 (I was 2 years old) “Morals are not determined by majority vote. Wrong is wrong even if everybody does it and right is still right even if nobody does it.” Some secular academic in Queensland has written an obscure tome praising the Nordic Model and to gullible, well meaning Christians, it has taken on the stature of Holy Writ. Any and all aspects of prostitution are wrong and can only be corrected by God’s people doing what He says is right, not by what Sweden says. Absolutes are not determined by geographical boundaries.

If we care about the women victimized by prostitution we must vigorously stand against it and let our legislators know it is not good for any of our girls to become prostitutes. The only state in the US with statewide legal prostitution is Rhode Island and they now have recognized their mistake and  are phasing it out. The Democrat head of their Congress says the only way to protect the women is to ban the industry. Please contact your state MP and ask them to outlaw ALL aspects of prostitution: the pimps who place the girls at risk, the Madams who exploit the girls, the brothels who hire the girls, the girls who put themselves in great danger and the newspaper, TV, radio & magazine ads should ALL be proscribed!

Action: It is important for South Australians, Tasmanians and Western Australians to contact their State MPs and Senators and ask them to outlaw ALL forms of prostitution. Go to and click on your state and you can contact each and every one with a click of a computer mouse via email. A phone call is very helpful as well as an individual letter. All their addresses are: Parliament House, Your Capital City. Also AFF’s Parliamentary Submission on Prostitution, sent to you in our last mailing, can be used for specific objections, but all that is necessary is for you to say you want ALL aspects of prostitution against the law. Please send me their

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